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On-site coordinators

On-site coordinators

Andy and Amy Curry join a legacy of outstanding on-site coordinators for BFC. Rev. Will and Karis Stemen were our first on-site coordinators, followed by Brent and Michaele LaVigne. The Currys depart mid-May to spend a month with Brent and Michaele before the LaVignes return home to the States.

Andy has lived in Swaziland before when his parents, Mike and Debbie Curry, were missionaries in Swaziland. Andy was four when the family arrived and eight when they came back to the States. Andy is currently a building contractor in Dallas, Texas. He is a graduate from Southern Nazarene University.

Amy is just finishing her masters in counseling from North Texas University with an emphasis on play therapy. She graduates May 14 and they depart May 18. She is also a graduate from Southern Nazarene University.

Welcome Andy and Amy to Swaziland as BFC’s new representatives.