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Every GO Team contains individuals who serve in the area of Compassion. These are people who love working with children and ministering to those in need.

Here is a description of what they do and how they serve:

HIV/AIDS Task Force- 

The Compassion Team spends time with the HIV/AIDS Task Force. The Task Force provides home-based care to those dying in their homes of AIDS. During the day the Compassion Team goes with the Task Force care givers to visit people in their homes and to deliver a gift bucket full of food and personal hygiene supplies. The team will share the love of Christ, sing and pray with all they visit.

Ntondozi -  Child Development Centre

Over 50 at-risk children come regularly to the center to learn, interact and have nutritious food.  Many are now coming to church on Sundays. The Compassion Team helps to serve meals and represent the love of Christ through Bible stories, songs and hugs.  A kitchen has been built, and a water well installed for gardening and cooking needs.  The garden is flourishing and so are the children.

Vacation Bible School-

This team has the opportunity to provide Vacation Bible School for several hundred children, usually in partnership with a Nazarene church and school. Whether it is during a craft, Bible story, game or memory verseā€“it all points to Jesus and His love for them.

Community Vegetable Garden-

The Compassion Team meets the women and children at the BFC-sponsored garden, provides lunch, and visits the garden. During some of these visits clothes and school shoes are provided for the children.


This team normally spends part of a day or two helping to paint a church or school. This is usually in the same community where our construction team is serving.

Let the BFC Global Outreach office know of your desire to go and serve. You can join a future GO Team and serve on the Compassion Team. Contact Pat Burton at for more information.