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Every GO Team has qualified individuals who serve on the Education Team.

We are always looking for professionals in theology, counseling, chaplaincy, nursing, medical, dental, hospital administration, teacher training, and agriculture. Swaziland has colleges in nursing, theology and teacher training but Swazi professionals do not have ready access to continuing education.


On past GO Teams we have provided education in the following disciplines:

  • Ministerial Training for Pastors
  • Workshops for youth leaders
  • Workshops for hospital leaders and administration
  • Counseling workshops for the caregivers from the HIV/AIDS Task Force and the faculty at New Hope Centre
  • Worship workshop for Pastors and worship leaders
  • Medical training in emergency care (See more information listed in the medical/dental section)
  • Pediatric training surrounding the new Standard Treatment Book

Here is more information on this area of ministry:

Ministerial Days for Swazi Pastors-

Any pastor on a GO Team is welcome to participate in a Ministerial Day with Swazi Pastors. We worship together, provide lectures on requested theological topics, share a meal, and encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

Workshops for HIV/Task Force Caregivers-

Mary Magagula and Evelyn Shongwe are the leaders of the HIV/AIDS Task Force. These women encourage others to volunteer and to join the Task Force as caregivers. These caregivers go into homes every week to minister to those dying of AIDS providing prayer, food, medicine, and loving care. These caregivers need support and skills to cope with illness, death and grief they face every day. Qualified counselors are invited to encourage these caregivers with prayer, instruction, and encouragement.

What can you provide?

We are always looking for people who desire to go to Swaziland to serve. If you have something you are qualified to teach then consider sharing these gifts in Swaziland.

Let the BFC Global Outreach office know of your desire to go and serve. You can join a future GO Team and serve on the Education Team. Contact Pat Burton at for more information.