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Medical /Dental

Every GO Team has qualified individuals who serve on the medical/dental team. We are always looking for medical and dental professionals to volunteer their skills and expertise in Swaziland.

The medical professionals at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital (RFM) and their 17 rural clinics are highly educated and do an outstanding job. However, they do not have access to continuing medical or dental education. Our teams have the opportunity to come alongside and teach new research and methods to their Swazi counterparts. Our medical program is led by Dr. Terry Hall, MD and Dr. Paul Rothwell, MD.

Dentists are rare in Swaziland. When someone needs dental care in Swaziland, they have to travel to a private office and pay a lot for their service. Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital (RFM) is working to establish a new dental department for their patients. Our dental team, led by Dr. Tim Rothwell, DDS, will help supply some needed equipment and training for this new service.

Here's how you can help us:

Training –

Our primary focus is to train the medical and dental personnel in Swaziland so that it increases their capacity for service. We do this by providing workshops, lectures, and seeing patients in consultation with a Swazi professional.

Standard Treatment Book –

Dr. Terry Hall and Dr. Raymond Bitchong, chief of staff at RFM, have partnered on the pediatric version of a new Standard Treatment Book. This book contains information and the treatment of diseases a child in Swaziland may face. The Swazi Ministry of Health has requested 2,400 copies so every government clinic and hospital will have access to standardized care. Future medical GO Teams will continue to train pediatric medical personnel on the use of this book.

Nazarene Rural Clinics - 

There is always opportunity to spend time in one of the 17 Nazarene clinics, see patients, and train the nursing staff of the clinic in new methods while treating patients.

The Luke Commission – 

Dr. Harry and Echo VanderWal, from Idaho, have lived with their four boys in Swaziland for the past six years. Harry, as a physician and Echo, as a PA, have a mobile clinic that goes to rural areas to serve patients who do not have access to any clinic. Our medical and dental team will join The Luke Commission for one of their mobile clinic days in a rural area of Swaziland.

HIV/AIDS Task Force –

The Task Force is made up of volunteers who provide home-based health care to those dying of AIDS. Our medical team will spend a day with the Task Force seeing and helping their most critical patients.
Would you like to join a future GO Team and serve on this medical/dental team? Please contact Pat Burton at the Office of Global Outreach for more information at