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Second Jubilee Projects Transforms Church

Second Jubilee Projects Transforms Church

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On the border of South Africa and Swaziland there is town called Bulembu. For many years the mining town of Bulembu had a population of 10,000. In 2001 the mine was shut down and the town’s population dropped to 100. In recent years, a group of seven social developers and entrepreneurs (five from Swaziland) have started rebuilding the city. The town’s population is now 2,000 with 700 of those being orphans. The town has the capacity to take care of 2,000 orphans. Slowly the town is growing, hoping to be self-sustaining by 2020.

Within the town Bulembu, is a Nazarene Church with 36 members. They currently meet in a wooden shack and have been working on a new church building for two years. Samuel Dlamini, the pastor is a wonderful man with a great heart after God. Pastor Dlamini has shared how he has gone through seasons of discouragement, trying to imagine how this small church, without money, could ever raise funds to finish the structure. During those seasons he continued to pray for God’s help to complete the church.

In the mean time, BFC was contemplating making Bulembu our next project with the Jubilee offering. Not sure whether or not to take the risk, because Bulembu is located at the top of a mountain with rough roads leading the way. How would the workers and supplies make it up the mountain as the rainy season was beginning? Finally, the decision was made to move forward and for BFC to do their part in the rebuilding of this town.

Right away preparations for the church took place and the news was shared with Pastor Dlamini. Since the news was shared Pastor Dlamini cannot talk without smiling from ear to ear. On October 12, 2010 while giving his annual report at his district assembly, Dlamini shared with his fellow preachers and laypeople that “he saw God”. He is truly amazed that God answered his prayers and did a miracle in the church.

What a privilege for the BFC partnership to be a part of how God has worked in not only Bulembu, but Pastor Dlamini’s life. He is extremely encouraged and is excited to see the church grow. Knowing that it is the church’s desire to welcome orphans into their church, it is our prayer that the new structure can be used for this purpose.